Winmax Brake Pads World Rally Champion with Quentin Gilbert

16 Oct 2015 -

After another amazing victory in WRC3 at the WRC rally Tour de Corse, Quentin Gilbert and co-driver Renaud Jamoul have been crowned Junior World Rally Champion 2015! Gilbert could fall back on the Winmax Brake Pads on the challenging Corsican roads where brakes are key to the team’s performance.

The Belgian DG Sport team taking care of the Citroen DS3 R3 went the extra mile when preparing the important race.

Winmax Brake Pads World Rally Champion with Quentin Gilbert

Alain Georges of DG Sport : “We knew that in Corsica the brakes would play a crucial role. With stages up to 48 km (!) and many corners, you better are able to rely for a 100% on your brakes. The Winmax Brake Pads were perfect all way long! They performed well and just kept going even on the longest stages. They played a crucial role in our performance all way long and again proved their qualities in this rally.”

Dirk Van der Sluys of Winmax Europe : “We have proven the qualities of our product in the WRC and R5 cars but now have shown that they also work perfectly on the smaller R3 cars. They performed well, gave a constant feel and endurance was outstanding with no damage to the discs. We are glad Winmax helped the team to win this title and we are wishing Quentin Gilbert all the best next year in WRC2.”

The next race for Junior WRC Champion 2015 Quentin Gilbert and his Citroen DS3 R3 with Winmax Brake Pads will be on 22 - 25 Octobre at the Rally of Catalunya.