In this section we've put together some of the questions we frequently get asked about the Winmax Brake Pads. If your question is not answered below or if you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Where does Winmax Brake Pads come from?

Winmax is a Japanese manufacturer of motorsport brake pads. They are by far the market leader in Japan and they are a subsidiary of MK Kashiyama, which is the biggest brake pad manufacturer in Japan for road cars.

How come I never heard about Winmax before?

Winmax exists since 1984 in Japan but always stayed on the Japanese continent. Only in 2013 the management of Winmax decided to export. To do so they signed a contract with Winmax Europe that is located in Cyprus and in Belgium. Winmax Europe is responsible for the import of Winmax brake pads in Europe, Middle-East, Russia, Africa and South-America.

Are the Winmax Brake Pads legal for road use?

Winmax Brake Pads are only for Motorsport use, so are not legal for use on the road.

Does Winmax have brake pads for every car, every competition?

Winmax has now more than 900 different references covering almost all Japanese and European cars, as also all racing callipers used in every rally-racing car.

Which top drivers and/or teams are already using Winmax Brake Pads?

Hyundai Motorsport on all the R5 rally cars leaving the factory. Official Hyundai Motorsport drivers Hayden Paddon and Kevin Abbring in WRC with the Hyundai i20 WRC, Lada Motorsport in WTCC, European Nascar. Furthermore Vaclav Pech (CZ, Porsche 911 GT3 rally), Emil Bergkvist (N, Citroën DS3 R5 rally), Bernard Munster (B, Porsche 911 Historic rally), Piet Van Hoof (NL, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 rally), Lotus Cup Italy, Jerker Axelsson (S, Subaru WRC rally), Ricardo Trivino (MEX, Subaru Impreza grN, rally), François Duval (B, Citroën DS3 R5 rally), Steve Van Bellingen (B, BMW M3 V8 GTR circuit), Donald Molenaar (NL, Porsche GT3, circuit) etc.

Where can I buy Winmax Brake Pads?

Check out “Dealers” on this website. There should be a dealer in your country. If not contact the one nearby or

Are there different compounds I can choose from?

Winmax Brake Pads has 12 different commercial compounds! This is for a road car to use on a track day (W1, W2, W3), for rallying with a small car or a high performant car (R5 or WRC), for circuit racing (endurance, sprint, GT3, touring cars, single seaters, etc), for rallycross, Historic rallying and racing. Because of the big choice of compound it is important to test different compounds that suits the best to you as a drivers as well as your car. There are no bad Winmax brake pads, only bad compound choices. Take your time to find the right compound for you.

Can I become a Winmax Brake Pads dealer?

We are constantly looking for new dealers, but it all depends on your location. As we want to keep our dealer network happy, we only want a few dealers per country. If there are already Winmax dealers in your country, we have to evaluate if we want an extra one. Nevertheless we still have quite some countries where we don’t have a dealer so feel free to go to “Become a dealer” on this website.

Where should I position Winmax on the market?

Winmax Brake Pads is a high-end product with high level qualities. Performance, durability, gentle for the discs, etc. It is Japanese quality and much appreciated by all drivers using them.

Where can I find the prices?

All our dealers can help you to give you the exact price for the pads you need. All depends of the car you are driving and which compound you want to use.