Winmax brake pads


  • W3 Winmax Brake Pads

    Compound W3

    Blended for sport driving or circuit racing, the W3 is the most versatile brake pad available.

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  • W5 Winmax Brake Pads

    Compound W5

    Compound for large circuit racing targeted for increased brake control and effectiveness.

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  • W6,5 Winmax Brake Pads

    Compound W6,5

    A good bite, with a very stable performance, starting from low temperature.

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Winmax Brake Pads


The historic rally-and/or racing cars of today are all top spec cars that need top-spec brake pad compounds.

With these compounds Winmax won already several rallies and races. To serve our customers effectively, Winmax Europe has built up a dealer network of specialised dealers and preferred partners. Locate your nearest Winmax Dealer.