Winmax brake pads


  • W2 Winmax Brake Pads

    Compound W2

    Improved initial response for sportive driving with longer pad and disc life.

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  • W3 Winmax Brake Pads

    Compound W3

    Blended for sport driving or circuit racing, the W3 is the most versatile brake pad available.

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  • W4 Winmax Brake Pads

    Compound W4

    Specifically designed for circuit racing that require superior braking control.

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  • W5 Winmax Brake Pads

    Compound W5

    Compound for large circuit racing targeted for increased brake control and effectiveness.

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Winmax Brake Pads


You take your car sometimes for a spin on a racetrack? That means demanding quite a lot from some components of your car like the brakes.

With the W1 until W5 compound you are safe to drive on track and without damaging the discs. To serve our customers effectively, Winmax Europe has built up a dealer network of specialised dealers and preferred partners. Locate your nearest Winmax Dealer.